Who We Are - Pajaris

Pajaris is a brand of Beachwear that invests in the combination of original beauty, comfort, luxury in materials and finishes to dress the woman in moments when she should feel vibrant, confident and above all free! The name Pajaris was inspired by "pajaros", birds in Spanish, a pronunciation name and with strong meanings of freedom, free flight, open sky, movement. Despite being a 100% Brazilian brand, the nationality of this reference was also chosen to refer to the origin of its founder, Camila Panades, daughter of Spanish with Brazilian and passionate about the interesting mix of European and Latin culture.

On the beach, pool, waterfall; on ship trips, boat trips, sloops; practicing marine sports or in hotels, resorts and borders around the world, Pajaris woman wants more than a beautiful beachwear piece, she wants a clothing that welcomes her, that represents her and that is unique.

To meet this woman’s desires, Camila Panades has created a mix of Beach Fashion with modeling that addresses the differences of the female body: Bikinis and Swimsuits, Body, Tops, Robes and Kaftans, Dresses, Beach Outfits, Skirts and Shorts, Sarongs, Scarves and Accessories in which explore the incredible colors and reveal the DNA of the stylist and Pajaris.

The Pajaris fashion is a 100% authorial work by creative director Camila Panades who has worked for many brands between Brazil and Europe and has been in the beachwear market for over 12 years.

"Pajaris is the result of my development and my confidence as a creator; it is the brand where I can extensively explore the influence of the arts on prints, the introduction of unconventional materials in the beachwear segment and my greatest fascination: Details!" (Camila Panades)

Our Faith - Pajaris

The Pajaris brand since its creation has sought to differentiate itself in the world of beach fashion with exclusive prints, innovative and modern bikinis, pieces developed with attention to the smallest details.

In these long years of learning, we have discovered that the differential of the brand is to have the maximum of contact with the customer and to allow the access to the brand for all the Brazilian women who looked for innovation and speed in the launching of unique and different pieces.

In this way, we understand that it is impossible to be different doing the same thing that the brands already consolidated in the market were doing and in this way our essence and our Manifesto arise!

We ended the collections because we did not want to have the arrogance to dictate trends or tell our customers what they should wear. We believe that trend and fashion arise from the day-to-day and from the customers themselves and we could not deny it.

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