Many women have doubts about which bikini model is best suited for their body, one that will not only meet their needs but also value their curves and well-balance the points that can be source of insecurity.

To choose the ideal bikini style it is necessary to understand that the shapes, colors and textures of each piece provoke a set of effects in the final aesthetic. Therefore, the mission is to choose the pieces that will combine the characteristics and particularities of each body in order to enhance the beauty of each woman.

Sevilla Bodysuit - Black

See which points to take into consideration before choosing the perfect bikini for you. Come on!


Breast Size

It is important to choose a bikini model that will leave you comfortable to have fun and stay at ease for several hours. Thus, the upper part needs to convey safety and enhance the breasts.

For women who have larger breasts, the idea is to choose a model of bikini with thick straps, to provide firmness. The under-wire model, for example, is a good choice in this case.

In addition, models that have frontal ties value this body type. Prints, especially with large patterns, should be avoided if you want to give the impression of smaller breasts. Plain colors can be freely exploited.

Small breasts

Models with pads, from ripple, strapless and cropped, are the best option for those who have small breasts and want to give the impression of being larger, as they value the bust and balance the body aesthetics.


In addition, the more striking prints and the textures contribute to value and convey the idea of more volume. Pieces with embroidery, textures and knitted details are also a great choice for women who have small breasts.

Body Types

In relation to the body types, some characteristics must be observed in the choice of bikini model.

Plus Size

Chubby women, for example, take advantage of pieces that draw attention to the hip or bust. In addition, bodysuits that have deeper necklines help to vertical align the body.

Naked Bodysuit - Orange Knitted

The pieces need to fit well the body, but they should not be too tight if you want to disguise the little tummy tucks or become more comfortable. In general, the smooth colors are the best to achieve the effects mentioned.


Defined or Muscular Body

Already women who work out and have a defined body can take advantage of bikinis with lateral ties to value the waist, since that part of the body usually is more straight in muscular bodies.


Thin bodies with small breasts can be more valued wearing swimsuits with side-cuts on the waist and strapless bikinis with sleeves.

In addition, lighter colors and large-design prints also value this type of body, as they create the most curved illusion.



Larger Hips or Shoulders

Larger hips and narrower shoulders can be better balanced with a bikini printed on the top and a plain color on the bottom. Thus, the attention is more centered in the bust and the body more harmonized.

The same logic applies to the reverse: the broad shoulders and the narrower hip. In addition to color, other details such as fringes and draperies help to create this balance.

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