How The Military Style Fashion Came About

The military began in the 1960s, anti-war protesters used camouflaged prints in their protests and in the 1990s it became a trend in the fashion world through the grunge movement in which alternative and authentic rock stars began to use camouflaged jeans, bandanas, shirts and dresses in vintage style.

The military trend continues to this day, especially in the fall / winter season where it returns yearly to the market. The high demand for this print is because it is basic, the shades of green combine with almost everything and so the camouflage ends up being a must-have piece in the wardrobe of anyone.

Some examples of the use of the military on the runways, Miu Miu in Paris Fashion Week 2020; Ellus 2nd Floor in São Paulo Fashion Week 2017; Michael Kors at New York Fashion Week 2013.


New Pajaris Prints

As the camouflaged green continues to be the darling of all seasons, we did not waste time and we created the exclusive Green Military Pajaris, with three shades of green, beige and white, the perfect combination for this super trend, and the best yet more than be a printed bikini the shades of green combine with almost every kind of color and cover ups, you can wear without fear of risking.

In addition to the camouflage in the traditional style, another style that will arrive on the website Pajaris is camouflaged military sky, a more colorful and cheerful, with the mixture of two shades of blue, orange and yellow. The mixture of these tones leaves the bikini more lively and joyful, ideal look to destroy in the summer of 2019.


Camouflage Hoop Bikini

One of the most anticipated releases of the year was the V-Bar Bikini, in solid colors is now available, check out our website our current colors! And now the spoiler moment, in addition to plain colors the rim model will soon be on our site in the camouflaged green and camouflaged sky print.


The V-Bar Bikini is a contemporary model with a solid underwire and gives a perfect support, in addition to valuing the bust (without pads). The bottoms have lateral adjustments that help the body to adapt better to the bikini.


New Camouflaged Bikini Pajaris

To complement this post full of news, we also announce the Bikini Santorini, our next release that is already desired by many, it will also compose our collection of camouflaged.

The top of the Santorini is cropped style with small, modern cutouts on the front and sides, with a delicate tie at the front that leaves the neckline even more beautiful. The bottoms are in the traditional model, that adapts perfectly to the body.

Bikini Santorini Military Green - New Pajaris Style that will be a must this season.



Bikini Santorini Military Sky - Joyfyul and Exclusive Pajaris


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