Hello dear Clients, Friends and Readers of our Blog!


We are very happy with the launch of our e-commerce, and also for having this space to be able to share with you all our news, advices & information about our Resortwear world.

 After having worked in the beachwear market for several brands, including the face I was a founder of another company in the segment that I recently disconnected from, I am very happy to share with you this new stage, Pajaris, which is my 100% authorial work, here I will be able to explore all my artistic and creative aspects, modesty aside! LOL



And of course, I hope you like it, in this space I want to hear you too, here is the best of everything: fashion, art, music, if you want to talk about love too (one of my favorite subjects!) - What would the world be without love and art? Anyway, here is our chat room to tell you all about Pajaris and also listen to everyone's opinion.

 I would like to make a brief explanation about the origin of the Pajaris brand name, since many people have asked us where it comes from, so I would like to introduce a little of our concept, which inspires freedom, ample modeling, beauty, lightness, and here we want to dress in a democratic way, all the women who carry this vibration in life.

 As I am a Spanish daughter with Brazilian, I was inspired by the word "pajaros", which means "birds" in Spanish language, and I decided to create a word of my own - Pajaris!

For me, the birds carry our essence for the simple existence, and Brazil also carries by nature the most beautiful species of this animal, for that reason the pronunciation of the name Pajaris has the J in sound of H! Easy peasy huh?


And stay tuned, we'll have news every week!


With great affection,

Camila Panades

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