Everyone that follows the trends of the fashion world must have noticed what was one of the must-haves of summer 2019: the neon bikini. Since emerging on the stages, the high-intensity colors have not left the scene.

Several celebrities have already shown their looks in shades of lime green, pink, orange, yellow and all the colors more striking and illuminated. In the beach fashion mainly, the fluorescent colors are with everything. Learn more about this trend that has come to stay and is a hit among influencers and fashionistas.

Aviator Kim - Neon Lime


Neon is the Warmest Color

Do not just go to the beach or the pool to cool off on a sunny day: you have to have style. After all, you're there to have fun, but also to make a presence and feel beautiful. Nothing better than the neon bikinis that are the big trend in 2019. It is no wonder that several famous use and abuse of the various shades in neon.

Leelu Bikini - Neon Lime


The idea is to brighten up your beachwear this season. No matter what the bikini style is. Whether it's a ripple, strapless, one shoulder bikini, the important thing is to choose the shades that are successful. If you are more discreet you can also go for prints with fluorescent details. The important thing is to feel good and stylish.

Neon All Over the Globe

And, of course, as every trend in fashion, neon has spread across the globe in everything. International celebrities are also raving about their beach looks with fluorine shades as they are also known.

Bandeau Bikini - Neon Pink 

It all started when neon colors invaded the stages of the spring-summer season. From there, the neon also invaded the streets and, of course, the beaches. So if you like to dress according to the most modern trends you certainly can not fail to have some of these pieces in your wardrobe.

And if you like to innovate in the whole look, it is worth investing in bikinis styles that are also high in the season like the tops with one shoulder strap, shoulder-to-shoulder, asymmetrical straps up to the minimalists that are also strong trend in 2019.


The Color of Summer All Year Long

The neon bikini is here to stay in 2019 and will certainly be present on beaches around the world. That's because the summer never ends, since the sun is always shining on some wonderful beach on this planet!

Natalie Skirt - Neon Orange

And if you are one of those who enjoy sun, pool, beach, coconut water and all the energy that only this season gives us, it will certainly have many moments to refresh the body and mind this year.

And nothing better than feeling good about yourself right now, isn't it? So, invest in a bikini with high intensity colors and stay trendy. No matter your style or skin tone, neon is democratic and looks good on everyone!

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