Hi Girls,

Today I'll share a little bit with you from my last trip, which was one of the destinations that I dreamed the most in life, Egypt!

When we think of this country, a million things pop in our heads, right? Those history classes, mummies, pharaohs, lol... and yes, Egypt has all that, and there's one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen, and I'll tell you all!

Well, my first contact with Egypt was Cairo, I stayed at the Mena House Hotel that belongs to the Marriott group nowadays. Mena House is one of the oldest and most classic hotels in Egypt, where millions of movies have been recorded, besides being next to the pyramids of Giza, a dream, literally! Not to mention the food that was delicious!!

And you think I didn't wear my Pajaris looks in Cairo? I used all different options including the long Kaftans at the pool area and the Spa (picture below)



Other than that, a lot of people asked me about the clothing, what I wore, if I felt embarrassed by the looks for not wearing a burqa, these things...
Here's what I think: visiting a country, requires attention to local cultural details. I obviously did not wear shorts or short sleeves, or a lot of cleavage, I wore long dresses, pants, and sneakers, and in that way I did not feel embarrassed at all, quite the opposite, despite being a third world country, with poverty, many simple people, I felt welcomed and respected. The fact that you are a tourist makes "caring" and respecting you even bigger everywhere you go.


(One of the looks I wore)


I'm going to make a parenthesis here for the "strangers" that caught my eye. Getting an UBER over there is a little adventure, the cars are pretty old and not taken care of (it does not matter if you got an Uber Black) you'll probably find an old car with a very lively driver and a loud local music and the windows open because the air conditioning will not be working (imagine the 105°F heat now) and it will certainly drive at high speed bending and honking between the cars, the traffic is also quite chaotic, all cars have scratches, whether new or old, traffic lights & signal does not work very well for them, but they have a very peculiar way of being understood in the traffic.
Funny that none of this scared me at any moment!! But just by crossing the street, I'm particularly scared to cross in the crosswalk, now imagine an immense avenue, extremely busy and you have to go through it like this , kind of playing even!!! Hahah it even speeds up the heartbeat...

Another fact that caught my eye was the color chart of the city, totally "shades of beige", which makes total sense for an arid climate and with desert, everything ends up getting a bit dirty at the end of the day on account of sand that rises throughout the city.




Things To Do and See in Cairo:

Egyptian Museum: it is the largest museum in Egypt, and there you will find all the artifacts of the pharaohs, house utensils, carriages, jewels, sarcophagi, statues, costumes and etc, and of course, the best part: the mummies!!! Yes, most of you will see there in front of you, in an air-conditioned room, it is absurdly impressive to see one of the oldest stories in the world under your eyes! I literally left there with thousands of books under my arm and a giant will to study Egyptology (OMG) 



Pyramids of Giza: what to say? They are the only ones of the seven wonders of the ancient world still existent, Cheops, Khafre and Miquerinos. They are in the middle of the desert and are so impressive that you wouldn't believe until you see it! I think I need to go back a thousand times...



Dinner on the Nile: It's a beautiful walk along the Nile River with a typical Egyptian buffet with belly dancing shows and Tanoura (a typical Arab dance)


Khan el Khalili: it is a well-known shopping mall in Cairo, many shops side by side selling all kinds of things you can imagine: food, clothing, decoration and etc, a bit disorganized but very interesting and typical.
I had one of the best tea of my life, with a beautiful presentation of leaves and herbs, a charm!!


Before ending with Cairo, I wanted to leave a tip (which is what I miss most): the Egyptian pizza, better known as Feteer, is inexplicably delicious!! If someone here in the U.S. knows where to find, let me know? I will love it!!!

Well girls, I tried to make a short summary of Cairo, but still it was great... if any doubt or more information that you want, you can comment here that I will respond and I will love to talk with you and share tips and ideas!!

I hope you have enjoyed it and look forward to the next post on Egypt - Sharm El Sheikh (fascinating, people!!)


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