There is no better feeling than wearing a bikini, looking at the mirror and thinking "I look amazing!", Right? And for that, you need to know how to buy the ideal bikini model for your body.

After all, every woman has a different body type, and these characteristics need to be taken into consideration when choosing that perfect bikini. So if you are looking for tips on how to buy the best bikini, you have come to the right place.

In today's post, we will give 5 tips on how to buy your bikini. Don't waste any more time and check it out now!


1 - If you have large breasts

Our first tip is for girls who have slightly larger breasts. For them, it is ideal that they choose to buy Bikinis with V-neck Top and wide straps, as these models help to ensure that the breasts are well supported. The model can also help disguise breast volume if that is your intention.

V-Bar Bikini in Red


2 - Disguising unwanted fat

Many women think they can't wear a bikini because they are overweight, but they are wrong. Not only can but should! There are some models of bikinis that help disguise the fat, such as panties with folded waist or band. Darker colored bikinis with smaller prints are also great choices as they help disguise the belly.
Bicolor Bikini - Hot Pants

3 - Butt-Lifter Bottoms

If you want to increase your butt with the help of a bikini, your preference should be bottoms that have side ties. This is because this small detail helps to increase the volume of the region, giving the impression of a larger butt. In addition, light-colored bikinis with large prints are also great allies in this case. And we can't forget about the Ripple bikini model, which helps to lift with the ripple on the back.
Ripple Foil Bikini - Brown

4 - Breast Enlargement

Just like women who want to increase their butt, there are so many who want the same effect, but for their breasts. And, for that, nothing better than buying bikinis with different lashings, not forgetting the push-up effect, of course. An important tip is also to bet on ruffles, drapes and bra models twisted in the middle, as they help to give more impression on the breast area.
Santorini Bikini - White

5 - For the skinny girls

If you are skinny and would like to cherish the most beautiful things on your body, don't worry, there are some bikini tips that will definitely help you.
Medium and large prints, for example, can be your great allies. In addition, you can use and abuse the details, such as bows, draping, frowning, any detail is welcome as it will help give the impression of increased curves throughout the body.


Malibu Bikini - Sorbet


We hope our tips may have helped you choose the best bikini. For more tips like these, go to the Pajaris website and buy the perfect bikini for your body type and style!

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